Don't underestimate old Czech ladies..

Do you know how to behave in metro? Do you know what’s the etiquette when using the public transport in Prague? We have picked a lovely article for you that might tell you more about the “right behaviour” in Prague.

I moved to Prague almost a year ago and I am proud to say I have not driven a car since I have been here. The “California Girl” in me is bitter, but the rest of me is quite pleased. There has been no reason to drive a car. The public transportation system here rocks – and rocks hard…like Bon Jovi. It’s really the best I’ve ever seen.

So, although I prefer to walk this lovely city, I shall now tell you how to avoid certain mistakes whilst using public transit. There is a system of etiquette here in Prague. If you don’t follow it I will glare at you from the Metro platform. You have been warned. (read the whole article).

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