Ellen Tauscher comes to Prague

Ellen Tauscher comes to Prague The influential congressman Ellen Tauscher arrives to Prague today, being the fright of Czech and American government as well.

The opponents of the Radar base in the Czech Republic see an ally in her person, even when it is not completely true. And she is basically a vixen for the backers of the anti-missile shield in the middle Europe, denying everything. But that is not completely true, too.

Ellen Tauscher initiated partial cuts of finances that administrative of G.W. Bush proposed this May. The U.S. Government. wanted to invest 310 millions of dollars, but E. Tauscher cut 160 millions off it. Another 85 millions were cut by the senate during the approval.

Since may, both governments have assured us about money coming back to the project after approved. The approval is still a hot topic in the Czech Republic, the radar system being criticised as unnecessary. However, according to specialists, the anti-missile system at military vessels is not sufficient for inside the continent.

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