World Press Photo 2006 in Karolinum

It is for the 17th time that the prestigious World Press Photo exhibition comes here to Prague. To see are those made in 2006. The shots will be displayed in Karolinum.

The winner of the 2006 photography is the nowadays often displayed shot of young high-class Lebanons, driving in a convertible in Baghdad after bombing.

The Prize of Prague (Cena Prahy), goes to a sport picture. It was given away by the Mayor of Prague, Pavel Bém, who is a great sportsman himself. It is the shot of the well-known Zidane’s header performed at the World’s cup in Germany. The picture cronique of humankind events is possible to see from Monday to Friday since 9 to 19. The entrance fee is 3 €; 90 czk.

Hotel U Krale Karla

The hotel is one of the most picturesque sights of the famous Lesser Town quarter.

Tyn Prague Hostel

The hostel Tyn is well located in Old Town, right in the city centre.



  1. artdog said, Sep 18, 07:55 AM #

    This post would be more useful of the start and end dates of the exhibition were written.

    Common Czech/English mistake: “events is possible to see from Monday to Friday since 9 to 19”

    The event is possible to see on Monday to Friday FROM 9 to 19

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