Czech crown strongest in modern history

czech crown The Czech crown has reached it’s new record peach, as it was possible to trade 27,40 CZK/EUR. The Czech currency thus overruned its record peach towards the referential currency from 2007 february, when it traded for 27,41.

Czech crown has moved it’s maximum to the American dollar, too. As Patria Online informed, it was able to trade it for 19,77 CZK/USD. The reason for it was, according to analytics, stock jobbing of investors, who are expecting the money rates to lower. Dollar loses on the world markets, and weakens to world currencies.

“From the point of view of current events there is no immediate reason, there were neither new economic indicators, nor decisions. The crown, however, reacts on the foreign markets activity, where the investors are afraid of behaviour of the American Central Bank open new speculative positions.” the analytic Vladimir Pikora commented.

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