Vestiges of Industry 2007

To present and revive old industrial heritage is the main aim of the biennial Vestiges of Industry 2007. The organizers of this event have prepared a rich programme full of concerts, exhibitions, lectures and discussions.

In the Old Town City Hall you can see unique period photographs from the archive of the National Technical Museum in an exhibition called The Portrait of the Industrial Age (open until 31st October). M Factory in Prague-Holesovice (Osadni 35) will present how old industrial buildings can be transformed and used again (open until 26th September).

Today you can visit a concert of Berg Orchestra called VIDEOart KONtra KLASIKA in the spaces of the former sewage treatment plant (Papirenska 6 street). On Thursday at the same place you can enjoy a concert of Why Not Patterns called Roaring Ramp With Words. For more information about the Vestiges of Industry biennial click here.

Hostel Tenax

The Tenax Apartments Hostel is located in the centre of Prague.

Prague Hotel William

In Old Centre you can enjoy atmosphere that is both peaceful and lively.


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