Mayors against Olympic Games 2016

Olympics in Prague......? Worries were expressed by more than 1300 mayors of the Czech Republic. They fear for their budgets, which would be influenced by the occasion. They are against financing of the Olympics from the national budget, and propose either Prague should pay for it’s Olympics or a referendum.

The 1300 mayors sent an authentic copy letter to Pavel Bem, Prague Mayor, where they informed him about their disapproval: “We see the organization of the Summer Olympics at this time of bleeding town budgets as inappropriate”. Bem is not against referendum, even suggested the referendum should take place in the whole country, not only in Prague. There are also other ideas, i.e. Petr Gazdik suggests Prague should borrow the money form the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

In September, Prague has officaially joined the battle for summer Olympics in 2016. The costs are estimated 490 billions CZK; 16,3 billions €.

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