Explosive Roman Signer and his Travel Pictures in Prague

Iceland, 2005 © Roman Signer source: langhansgalerie.cz The legendary world pyromaniac Roman Signer is going to show his abilities as a photographer, in Gallery Langhans, Prague. The shots displayed are those that he carefully selected during his lifetime, and they concern about ready-made situations, or, absurd constellations from around the world, reflecting the fact good art springs by itself, the only necessary thing is to see it (and/or make a shot)

Part of the exhibition is formed by Signer’s punk or absurd poetry of solving problems by explosions. The performances (Aktionen) made him famous. He submerges himself in a kayak, for instance, then uses explosives to saw it into seven pieces, or sets it upright in an oil drum. He also has a black ring of smoke escape from an exploded aerosol can and catapults a stool out of a hotel window using an elastic band.

If we consider the fact he will soon be seventy, he is full of explosive energy that we can wonder at Gallery Langhans, Vodickova 37, Prague 1, from Tuesday to Sunday 12 – 6pm, until 11th November 2007.

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