Hammer and Sickle and Jail

no communist propaganda in CR Czech senate supported the amendment that forbids the usage of communist symbolism, like the hammer and sickle, and also communist propaganda. According to senators, the left-wing extremism is of the same dangerousness as the right-wing, but still, it is legal in the Czech Republic.

Our country has now, almost twenty years after the revolution, on-going problems with its past. Thanks to the fact that lots of public figures endured in important posts with a communist past not only slowed down our development, but also made the ilegalization of the politics, that killed 170 million people in the last century, impossible.

Nowadays, at the time when it seems that people start to forget how bad the system actually was and vote for the communist party again, better late than never comes the law amendment. The public use of hammer, sickle or a red star is to be punishable.


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