Utukku warned against dangerous behaviour on the roads

Figures in white overall with a tyre print on their back were spread on ten most dangerous roads in Prague yesterday to make pedestrians and drivers realize how dangerous they sometimes behave in the traffic. This event was a part of the European Week of Mobility that takes until 22nd September.

Utukku, the symbolical victims of car accidents, drew attention to pedestrians who crossed the street in a dangerous way. They were copying their mistakes and painting white footsteps on the road. They were also handing out leaflets warning about the growing number of injured pedestrians in the streets of Prague.

Utukku is an old name for spirits of dead people coming back to this world. This word comes from Syrian and Egyptian mythology. Utuks in Prague were seen in front of the National Theatre, in Jana Palacha square, Charles Square, I.P. Pavlova or Vitezne square.

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