Kotva versus Palladium

palladium in prague - new mall 07 It will soon be possible to shop in a new supermarket complex at the Republic square (Namesti republiky). Let’s make a little comparison with the old one.

The old supermarket, Kotva (Anchor), at Namesti republiky, built 1970 – 1975, was supposed to became a symbol of richness and plenitude of socialism. It was the biggest supermarket in the former Czechoslovakia. However at the end it showed the exact opposite – thanks to the usual supply problem most of the time the shelves offered only gaping emptiness. According to the author’s opinion, the only people who go to Kotva nowadays are the Russians, and most of the store offers only over-priced leather goods.

Palladium has been built for about 5 years, the work was slowed down thanks to the fact the whole center of Prague stands on archaeological sites. It was build in a shell of a historical building, with new basement floors. This way, it didn’t make any harm to the face of Prague, as we know it. It comprises of office and dining facilities along with Prague’s largest inner city parking garage. It was built not only as a center of commerce but also as a lively retail anchor and meeting point. The selection of shops was based on questionnaires, filled in by 1500 locals, to assure to fulfill the needs. Not burdened by the communist past, Palladium is a new and fresh place for our shopping. Opens on 25th of October.

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  1. honza03 (Prague Daily Photo) said, Sep 25, 10:25 PM #

    It looks like Palladium opening will be the biggest event among all shopping centers opened this year. A lot of new fashion brands will enter Czech market with their shops at Palladium.

  2. Tomas said, Oct 17, 02:41 AM #

    I like Palladium. I dont like this article. Why bash Kotva? Only Russians? Is that a joke? Only overpriced leather products? Hahahaha. Has the author been there recently? Yes peraps its strugling, but you can still buy anything you want there as well. Architucturally interesting building itself, was built as a department store and not as a mall. So yes feel will be different. Plus there is a cool Latin music dance club on the top floor. Are you surprised? I think its sad if almost 20 years after communism you have to bring it up. Lets live today! Write a book about communism if you want or just grow up. Or go to the Museum of Communism if you are so fascinated by it!

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