Prague Airport Privatization

Prague Airoprt boeing 737.jpg Airport Prague and Czech Airlines are going to be sold next year. Our Minister of Finance Miroslav Kalousek stated that the state is not supposed to carry business, businessmen are. The Government has exact figures of how much is the price going to be, however they are not going to pronounce it publicly.

The same situation is with the case of Czech airlines (CSA). Money from the sale are going to be used for the necessary retirement reform and part of the profit is going to the Traffic fund. According to speculations, the exact price should vary between 60 – 70 billions CZK (2 – 2,3 bil. €). Other billions are coming from the Czech Airlines, however it’s economy is now in minus, and it’s possibilities for improvement are depend on a reform, as it’s flight ticket are four or more times expensive than those of the other Czech companies.

Prague Clementin Hotel

Hotel Clementin is situated in the centre of the beautiful Old Town quarter

Hostel Manhattan

Located near the Wenceslas square and in a short walking distance from Old Town Square.


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