Prague Blocked by Cyclists

More than 2500 cyclists went on a protest route from Old times Square and by the expressway to Jana Palacha Square yesterday. This annual action attracts more people every year, as they are driven to participy by the unchanging conditions for cycling in Prague. Compared to other cities of the EU, Prague cyclo-ways still evokes early stages of the development. The reasons for this situatin are for example hilly location of Prague and narrow streets often unchanged in their dimensions from the medieval times.

“It is not supposed to be an action of pressure. We don’t have anything against cars.” Was emphasized by the organizators from Auto*mat initiative. “What we want is a possibility to drive a bicycle. Here in Prague we don’t have enough cyclo-ways.”

At the end, we give you 2 of the basic principles, on which basic Auto*Mat initiative stands; Auto*Mat is a project aimed at making our city safer, healthier and more lively. Auto*Mat wants to transform Prague from a city that today mainly accommodates car through-traffic into a city more favorably inclined toward life.

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