Traffic guards in Prague on horses

Police horses form: There were horses in common state police use, but this is after a long time (probably going back to the time before WWII) the first case traffic police is going to use them. Two white Strarokladrubaci (Old – Kladrubian – breed) were chosen for their good physical statue and character stability. The selecting team was betting on experiences of police from Pardubice, a city well-known for it’s Velka Pardubicka Steeplechase. Price of one such horse is 189 000 CZK (6300 €).

And why the police decided so? “For parks of Prague they are great helpers, who can move very fast.” police deputy Blazek stated. They will serve in i.e. Stromovka. But before they start, they have hard, few-months of training ahead.

Their first service ride is going to be at the beginning of 2008. Before, they have to be used to tramways, buses, obstacles, barking dogs or any city noises. Four wardens who saddle the horses were chosen from total 15, who had to have experience with horses, some of them even having them.

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