Beat Apetit Concert Prague – First Beatbox CD in CR

Beat apetit debut in Prague Debut of the first beatbox CD on the Czech musical scene; featuring: Jaro Cossiga, Fany@Nasty, Beatburger Band and Czech Beatbox Allstars.

Beatbox performer and music producer Jaro Cossiga features the beatbox occasion of the year. Numerous special and very special guests not only from the Czech Republic are going to make beats the whole night long.

Beat Apetit record was made in cooperation of prominent Czech beatbox performers Fany and Nasy, together with Jaro Cossiga, who is, as the sole European, a member of the most prestigious American beatbox group – Beatboxer Entertainment N.Y.C. The record was published by DaSkaRecords and Studio Bathroom and is composed of various sounds, that these three are able to produce by their mouth.

Archa Theater, Na Porici 26, Prague, the show starts at 8pm. Free CD with the ticket. Ticket: 225 CZK

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