Crystal March

right-wing extremist's shoes According to the municipal authorities of Prague, it was impossible to chancel the march in Jewish town. Officially, it is supposed to be “a protest against the participation of the Czech Republic on the occupation of Iraq” Hoverer, Hospodarske noviny (Business news) found out the organizers are well-known right-wing extremists.

The demonstration is legal in the declared form, but we can only guess, what is going to go about on such a date. 10th November is notoriously known as the date of “Crystal night”, when in 1938 Germany large numbers of jewish synagogues, holy places or even regular houses were destroyed and/or burned down. The crystal in the name reflects the mass of valuables stolen and broken. Dozens of jews were killed and ten thousands ended in concentration camps.

Prague municipal authorities are going to proceed in the manner of overseeing whether there is a law-breaking and taking an action if yes. In this case the right-wing extremists found their way how to disguise their will so they won’t break any law.

The march will go through those streets of old Jewish town: Brehova, Maiselova, U Stareho hrbitova, Siroka, Zatecka and Platnerska and Franz Kafka square. 150 participants are expected to come, according to the organizations.

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