Ex-Depeche Mode Alan Wilder, Saturday in Prague

Alan Wilder in Prague Greetings, fans of Synthpop and New Wave! Do you have the feeling that there is not enough music events, that would fit your liking? What if we told you that you have the unique chance to meet Alan Wilder, here in Prague? And to let him sign your Recoil CDs? Sounds good, isn’t it.

The programme of Retro Music Hall is handled by three Djs, so you can look forward for the production of Recoil, Depeche Mode, EBM and other electronic genres.

And for those who don’t know Recoil, it is the musical venture of ex-Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder, for which he writes the music and invites various guest musicians to write the accompanying lyrics and perform them on the record. The vocal parts are either sung or performed as spoken word pieces. The lyrics often deal with the dark side of human nature.

Retro Music Hall, Francouzska Street 4, Prague. Club opened since 7 pm, party starts 8 pm. Tickets – 200 CZK

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