Less time for Prague Traffic jams

The tramway clousure at Paladskeho namesti in Prague is going to take less time than planned originally. The managers of Prague Public Transport (MHD) Martin Dvorak and Ludek Dostal announced. The work is going to progress faster, it should be finished on 8th October.

The other step are construction works at the cross-overs of Karlovo namesti. But the traffic colaps, that came as an outcome of repairs at Paladskeho namesti, became a deterrent example of how not to handle our ever-growing metropolis traffic. The heads have learned their lesson and so nearby Karlovo namesti is going to be under construction only during weekends. If you plan to go in October through Karlovo namesti, involve a delay into your plan, then.

According to the print report the shortened therms were decided by the mayor of Prague Pavel Bem

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