Prague Olympics Discussion

discussion olympics prague Olympic Games financing, referendum and changes that the Olympics could bring to the Czech Republic, were the main topics of the public discussion, that took place on 2007-09-26.

Svandovo Theater was filled completely, which only reflects, Olympics are the hot topic. The for-site was represented by Prague’s mayor Pavel Bem: “Mayors of foreign cities ask me, why do we still don’t have a beltway? Beltways were supposed to be here much earlier. The funds for the infrastructure were decided long ago, but nobody made it going. Olympics is one of the tools for making it going.” Bem sees Olympics from clearly an economic point of view.

The question of finance interests Pavla Reedova: “I don’t say Prague can’t organize Olympic games, but the price of such an event is too high. Montreal was paying off the installments for 30 years.” She wants to be a “watchdog” of our Olympics, to watch the expenses. However Bem estimates the total price of Olympics 132,5 milliards CZK (4,42 milliards €) with the supposed yield 136 milliards CZK (4,53 milliards €). However those numbers become a laughing stock for the audience.

The audience sounded mostly against the Olympics, demanding the referendum. It seems it is going to take place in the near future. The reason to vote for is rising Czech world consciousness, against speak many obstacles.

Based on: MF DNES

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