New Prague Bikelines... Will bring changes...?

new bikelines in prague Prague opens new bikelines – one heading from Modrany to Zbraslav and the second one (in the final stage of construction) from Liben to Horni Pocernice. The new sector to Zbraslav runs by Vltava, has two kilometers, three quarters are for pedestrians and bikers.

The new bikeline in Prague 9 goes from Freyova street to Horejsi rybnik (Upper pond) and the bikers will ride on a deserted rail. Another three kilometers are to be ready in 2008. The metropolis heads have promised 80 km of marked bikelines in Prague countryside, and 150 km in the city.

The question remains, how much of those bikelines will be useful for those who want to travel by bicycle instead of a car. The poor situation of bike roads in the center of Prague calls more people to demonstrate every year, but it seems to left a little impact on the face of inside Prague. The author knows, how dangerous it is to travel by bike in Prague. Compared to other cities of Europe there is a lot to gain. The bikelines grow in numbers only on the suburbs, and no one had the guts to enforce construction to the inside of the metropolis yet. We will see, what the future development brings.

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