Float on Music Styles with David Sylvian, in Prague

Float on Music Styles with David Sylvian, in Prague David Sylvian is an English singer, musician and composer who first gained attention as the lead vocalist and songwriter in the band Japan. His subsequent solo career has been influenced by a variety of musical styles and genres including jazz, ambient, electronic, and progressive rock.

During his activity in the band Japan in the 80’s it was him, who invented a new romantic way of music. After Japan, he cooperated with other musicians, like R. Sakamot, with whom he made music to the movie Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, or with famous guitarist R. Fripp, whom he converted to funk and more aggressive attitudes.

David Sylvian combines ballads, electronic and romantic pop, his rich discography is diverse with experiments, based on instrumental sections or ambient installations, which he gets to “mythical” perfection. His last album is called When Loud Weather Buffeted Naoshima, and he introduces it on 10th October in the Prague theater Brodway, Na prikope street 31. More info at: www.palacakropolis.cz

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