Tina B. Festival of contemporary art in Prague

Tina B. Tina B. enters the main part of this year’s festival volume. Videos, music and digital installations are to be presented together with performances of more than 70 artists from over 15 countries; mostly Czech, German, Korean, Italian and American.

The Prague Contemporary Art Festival, Central Europe’s latest international contemporary art event, strives to combine the creative energy of the cultural scene in Central and Eastern Europe, with emerging talents and trends from around the world. The festival is held under the auspices and with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the City of Prague.

From the events we choose two for you;

Mobile Video Art
Those are installed in the screen-glass of Prague Laterna Magica, on Narodni trida street. You can see short videos, that were filmed by mobile phones, given to the artists by the organizers. The theme is: “Intimate life in a global village” the main platform is the webpage www.mobilevideoart.com

Lapidarium Project
The project is based on confrontation of classical statues, that are permanently exhibited in Lapidarium, with installations of Czech and Italian artists, that present contemporary art.

Tina B. Festival goes until 20th October. If you are interested, visit he webpage www.tina-b.com

Jenota Hostel

Jenota only a few minutes walk from the famous Wenceslas Square.

Legie Hotel Prague

Practically equipped, 3-star hotel also offers capacity for company presentations



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