Vltava Promenade Closing up for Winter

Vltava Promenade As we informed you before, there is a large project going on by the Vltava river, that should, by 2010, change the face of the right Vltava bank into something common in other cities of Europe like Paris or Berlin; into a promenade, where it is possible to relax, eat, or shop.

The whole project started 10 years before, by an expensive reconstruction of the whole bank. As a result, it nowadays shines with gray stone, and it is decorated with art benches and other details of functional art.

Prague lies in the area of temperate climate, which means that you can enjoy walking in your shorts on such a promenade in summer, but it will be covered with snow in winter. So, Vltava promenade officially announced closing yesterday. For the next year, there are new stands already prepared, and we can look forward for ‘series of events’. Prague definitely knows, how to make the life more colorful for its citizens.

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