Right-wing extremists' march banned

Officially “a protest against the participation of the Czech Republic on the occupation of Iraq”, this wasn’t probably intended to be so. The organizers were clearly right-wing extremists, and the march was supposed to take place in Prague Jewish town, on the anniversary of 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom.

The Prague authority explained that the announced purpose of the march leads to the incitement to intolerance and hatred against citizens on the basis of their ethnicity, origin and religious conviction, which is one of the legal reasons for banning such an event.

Few days ago, the right-wing extremists have reputedly changed the date from 10th to 17th November, however Jiri Wolf, the spokesman of the city hall announced they haven’t officialy reported any changes. But at the same time, there were actions taken against this group. It ended in a ban of the whole event.

One of the arguments for banning was the organizer Erik Sedlacek’s membership in The National Resistance movement. It is a neonacist organization, that sprung from the Prague branch of militant neonacist organization Blood and Honour. That is a branch of the international neonacist movement based on the superiority of the white race and supports the National Socialism ideology openly.

The ban can be lifted only by a law-suit now.

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