Krivoklani 2007 – A medieval festival train leaves from Prague

krivoklani 07 On Saturday and Sunday, 13th and 14th October, at 9:24 you can catch a steam train Albatros made in 1947, going from Prague train station Branik, to the Krivoklani Festival at the Krivoklat castle.

Have you ever gone to a festival by a steam train?

Krivoklani is a presentation of medieval tournaments, Gothic music, and crafts. The whole event is annually organized by the Krivoklat Castle and the professional fencing group Merlet. To such an event a fair belongs inherently, so masters of blacksmithing, pottery, glass-makers, wood-carvers and many others come to present their skills. Taverns serves mead, mull, home-made plump spirits, and other traditional medieval drinks or foods.

The castle of Krivoklat belongs to the oldest and most important castles of the Czech princes and kings. merlet krivoklani The history of its construction starts in the 12th century. You can see a beautiful castle chapel, the Great Royal and Chivalric Halls with an exhibition of Gothic paintings and sculptures, the castle library containing over 52.000 bands, a rich museum and a painting gallery of the Fürstenberg, a famous castle prison with torture chambers and torture instruments, a monumental tower with a collection of hunting trophies and a view of the surrounding area, a pleasant walk around the castle walls, the tower Huderka with an open-hearth kitchen and an observatory gallery, the seat of the captain with temporary exhibitions…all of this and much more belongs to Krivoklat, a national cultural monument.

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