The Prague Airport brings in Fast Track service

airport prague business class Prague Airport, in cooperation with the Foreign Police, has extended its offer directed to the segment of business travellers.

So-called Fast Track opened the shortest possible way for an interested person from the check-in counters as far as the aircraft. Fast Track represents a priority lane that allows a swift transition through the passport and security screening controls.

Concerning the other services, the General Manager, when asked about the completing services, announced that there were present on the airport before the actual service :

The Prague Airport, evaluated as the best in the Middle and Eastern Europe, has the ambition to get to the top 10 of top-flight European air ports. That’s why we extend our service portfolio for various travel groups. This specific offer is for passengers who prefer comfort travelling. It properly integrates with the already established system of i.e. dedicated counters and the business lounge.

So, at last now the service is complete, as it should be in any larger airport in western countries. Mr Radek Latal, Air France station manager and president of Airline Operators Committee AOC commented on the introduction of Fast Track saying it is not so common, but pleasant:

“It is not a rule that airports would offer this service, so we are glad that the Prague Airport launched such initiative. This leads to further improvement of quality of services rendered at the Prague Airport and a significant sale support in that attractive segment for the network carriers who operate the business class”

But the author cannot imagine i.e. Berlin International Airpot without this service. Prague simply shows, that its standarts are comparable with the ‘very well’ standard.

If you are interested in using Fast Track, you have to buy business air ticket, or be a member of the “frequent flyer” programme. You will receive a boarding pass at business class airport prague check-in adorned with a round “FAST TRACK” sticker. Than you take a specially marked dedicated lane taking you immediately to the passport control and the gates. You will, of course, get a priority access.
The airport also informed The new service will not slow down the passport and security controls provided by other counters. The Fast Track dedicated counters were there before, as they served diplomats and aircraft crews.

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