Russian Drug Addicts of Prague get Sick

Prague officers have a new, significant problem with the Russian-speaking community in Prague. There were cases of groups, suffering from jaundice and even HIV. Those are probably spreading the diseases, and the experts are worried, because there is no evidence how many people are involved.

Groups of foreigners from one country are usually very closed. To get in their lines and get trust is really hard. Many of foreigners (now not just Russians) stay and work in the CR without permission. But the experts need to know as many information as possible.

“There is accrual of HIV virus and jaundice A, B and C. And because we don’t know, how large the Russian community in Prague is, we are trying to map it.” Prague Mayor Pavel Bem announced about the city project and the anti-drug association Sananim.

The survey of Russian population using drugs by the doctors of Center for addictology, that should bring significant support, is being finished. The leader Tomas Zabransky warns of possible incendiary campaign against the Russian speaking community: “They could get frightened and stop to cooperate. That would cause an epidemic catastrophe and not only in Prague” he explains.

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