Krazy Baldhead in Prague

Krazy Baldhead in Prague Club scene of last two years is being dominated by the Paris label Ed Banger Records. It is not true, that whatever they do is genial, however the concentration of interesting things they launch with their logo is not possible to ignore.

One of the most significant of this label, DJ and producer Krazy Baldhead is going to play for us in the Prague club Rock Café at the party he will be accompanied by a Canadian DJ Noot, a Czech project Ventolin and the residents The Models a fh.

Krazy Baldhead belongs justly to the top stars of French electronic music, he mixes electro with breakbeats, old school hip-hop with the grace of a mash-up terrorist. You wouldn’t believe, that his favorite vinyls include jazz classics.

If you want to party tonight, go to Rock Café, Narodni Trida Prague, today 12th October 2007. source: Karel Vesely’s article for EX

The following passage is based on Ben Osborne’s interview with Krazy Baldhead from 2006.

What’s your Production name and real name?
Krazy Baldhead / Pierre-Antoine Grison.
Where are you from?
Marseille, France

How would you define your style?
Twisted beats and hiphop.
What got you into DJing and or making music?
I don’t know, i’ve always been playing music. so i’d say my parents.
What are your earliest musical memories?
Falling asleep on my parent’s legs during a performance of the 9th symphony of Beethoven.
What are the best clubs you’ve ever played?
Le Triptyque (Paris), le Plug (Bordeaux), D! Club (Lausanne).
What was your worst club experience?
Performing: none. Attending: too many…
Which DJs/ Producers do you most admire?
Aphex Twin, Prefuse73, Funkstorung.
Which labels, artists and genres are impressing you most at the moment?
Labels: ed banger, obviously
Artists: Trentemoller
Genres: minimal stuff
What will be the next big thing?
What is you all time favourite record and why?
Miles Davis: ‘E.S.P’. When it comes to Miles, I can’t really pick up a single record, but this one is really intense and beautiful, so I chose it.

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