Pankrac Open-Air Free-Entry Festival

cehomor on pankrac This Saturday at Pankrac you can enjoy concerts of popular bands, as well as various workshops, and entertaining ‘family’ shows. If you have kids, this would be an opportunity to let them enjoy pony-riding or games, or (if they are very young) let them in the ‘games tent’ with professionals.

And for you? You can enjoy climbing wall, or compete in arm-wrestling, or other chosen activities. There is a Hummer show, and free concerts starting 14:00. What we would particulary recommend is the concert starting 20:00 – Cechomor (Czechomor) Czech and Moravian music ansamble. Information about this famous group follows.

Four years after their breakthrough album “Transformations” (Promeny) which won them three Czech Music Academy Awards (Best Album, Best Group, Best Song). There is no substitute for Czechomor, cult World Music band from the Czech Republic. Deeply rooted in Moravian village music, their repertoire reflects the passion and anguish of a region moulded by centuries of Ottoman raids, Napoleonic battles and folk ballads.

Czechomor have sold over 200 000 album units.

As ex-president Václav Havel’s favorite ensemble, Czechomor entertained celebrity audiences at charity concerts. They brought Czech folk music to the Royal Albert Hall in London.

By the end of 2000, their new album Czechomor was a platinum success and sold over 20 000 copies. Reaching a mainstream audience was a challenge. After “updating” traditional songs, Czechomor embarked on an ambitious project. The musicians met up with Jaz Coleman from the British punk band Killing Joke, who had turned to classical music. Coleman helped them produce their next album, Transformations, recorded with the Czech Philharmonic Collegium. The album was a tremendous success with over 80 000 copies sold. Transformations went on to win three Czech Music Academy Awards for Best Album, Best Group, Best Song.

Arpacay Hostel

Arpacay is a small hostel located not far from the centre of Prague.

Prague Hotel Waldstein

Lesser Town, very close to Prague Castle. Rooms furnished with historical furniture.