Prague Aquapark Barrandov

Aquapark Barrandov For all the water- lovers there is a possibility to enjoy the Prague Aquapark Barrandov. It offers many ways to make sport or relax; for children there is a wading pool with a mini switchback and mini spouters. If you are courageous you can try the 115 metres long, red switchback. For those who have yet more courage there is the blue 62 metres long switchback, which you slip down on two-seat inflatable crafts. But if you only want to relax, try a whirlpool, massage jets and waterspouters. And when you are fed up with water, there are massage beds with massage air. For better swimmers there is wild river with artificial back flow. In the centre there you can also find a 25 metres long swimming pool.

The area is accompanied by the restaurant Mirage Blue, which is located in the area of aquacentre on the first floor with view of the swimming pool and switchbacks. This restaurant is opened not only for visitors of aquacentre, but also for the general public.

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