Modern Design of New National Library 'Blob' denied by President

blob in prague has problems It almost resembles the situation, which is commented in one Czech movie: “What is nice is not decided by you, but by the (communist) party” This time, it isn’t the communist party, though, but surprisingly the liberal ODS (Civic Democratic Party) that stands against the architecture project, which won not only the Czech design competition for the most original designs, but also an award at the Summer Exhibition in London.

Blob in Trouble
The president Vaclav Klaus, who backs his party opinions, stated “In the fashion of eco-activists, I am ready to use my body as a shield on the very spot, to prevent the construction.” The construction on architectonically not significant Letna could give it a chance to get a jewel. However at the moment the Prague ODS is against, and suggesting Blob should be moved, lowered and possibly in some other color. Their behavior made angry not only Blob supporters, but also their opposers.

The whole situation resembles fires, fanned when Dancing House of Prague was build. At that times some citizens called for immediate demolition, and replacement by something more ‘decent’. Shortly after finishing (the architects are Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunic) It gained prestigious prize by Time magazine and became a world-wide famous building, which is being admired by tourists and locals every single day. Gehry stated, that he wanted to make a house, which is in balance with its surroundings, but different at the same time. Gehry:

“The problem of our age is, people accept trivial buildings as something inevitable, but if somebody tries to do something more respectable, it differs and is questioned.”

This leitmotiv repeats in the very case of Blob. The Czech society looks only at itself, and not outside of our borders. Something that represents serious and courageous architecture and so represents creative freedom, is being a target. If it is moved or changed, Prague will lost one of its possible dominants.

Prague Hotel Waldstein

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  1. John said, Oct 12, 10:38 PM #

    It’s crap: build it in Arizona! Prague is not Disneyland! Nor should look like a McDonald.

  2. Proton said, Oct 15, 09:54 AM #

    If this is what you think, fine, but Prague is NOT a museum of Baroque Architecture! I am not eager to see everything build in modernist or neo-baroque manner, just because you think it looks nice on your holiday photograps. I want something fresh for f sake.

  3. sandy said, Oct 22, 06:35 PM #

    another proposal forgotten… by arkhenspaces

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