Czech Republic Cannabis Discussions - Decriminalize or Not?

Penc propagating marijuana Discussions of specialists about cannabis use in the Czech Republic has been opened once again.

The initiator was Stanislav Penc, a member of Strana Zelenych (The Green Party). According to his words, the contemporary laws criminalize too many people for nothing.

He made a leaflet where he, in an exemplary way, stands in a cannabis patch with a legend: ‘Healthy living, Free thinking’.

In his opinion, every society has its drug, in our ‘civilized’ one it is alcohol, especially beer. Thousands of people get drunk every day, every Friday hundreds of thousands, and every second family ritual can’t go without alcohol, where are so very often kids present.

He adds that politicians who now, or some other time, fight against marijuana should realize, that when because of their own ineffectiveness to solve economical, ecological and pension reforms the whole county will go into poverty, marijuana as the most easily made drug will replace alcohol in its position.

European cannabis laws And now, a cherry on the cake: There may be discussions in our country, but the in-a-sort-of-way official (it is everywhere on the Internet) European document made by cooperation of many servers from various countries (server was the initiator) shows the Czech republic as a ‘decriminalized’ country (click for enlargement). ‘Large amount’ of cannabis may be still illegal, but the practice differs.

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