Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation concert in Prague

Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation concert in Prague In the era of overproduced Pop and electronic DJ superstars, the Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation (RSJF) keeps it real. Taking the music of the sixties as a starting point, they start where others have left. But be careful! The Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation is NOT a retro band in any perspective. Armed with drums, bass, guitar, piano, organs, and a wide range of horns, the Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation has been refining their mix of Ska, Jazz, Rock-Steady, Reggae and Soul over the past seven years.

The Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation has recorded an EP single and two full length studio albums. All released on the Grover Records (Germany). Their latest album ‘Sunwalk’ is recorded by Max Bolleman at his famous Studio 44 in Monster, and is recently also released in the United States by Megalith Records. Furthermore, their music appears on various sampler CD’s and LP’s throughout the world. However, the best way to experience this lubricated off-beat locomotive is live on stage. Let the intricate melodies and harmonies of the horns and the steady grooves of the rhythm section seep into your system. Rocking Ska-Jazz with a rough edge. Check out this Motiv Loco live! Don’t worry about a language barrier, let the music of the Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation do the talking.

Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation concert in Prague within the XXXI. International Jazz Festival Prague 2007,
27th November, Rock Café, Narodni Trida, Prague

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