Czech Fried Cheese 'Smazak' among national foods?

smazak czech typical food, unhealthy, tatarka, great, oil, fried, yummy, vegetarian Smazak is possible to find on an every menu of an every common Czech restaurant. Usually it has its place booked in the ‘vegetarian’ section, and it is quite common that it stands there almost alone. The food of Czech vegetarians? Certainly. And now, maybe even one of the Czech national foods.

Smooth Cheese Flow
According to our member of the European parliament Jan Brezina, we could let Smazak be our Czech protected trademark. “It is a good business article and an original Czech idea.”

According to the organizer of the Prague Food Festival, Pavel Mauer we could get the trademark of traditional Czech food, however: “Important chefs consider Smazak a total hybrid, but really it is an opinion of the high specialized society. Folks like it… and me too.” And we just add: we in abc too.

It is true that we have not seen Smazak anywhere in the world; Edam cheese in paste of flour, egg and roll-crumb; fried gold; with Tartar sauce mmm. Served with potatoes croquettes or in a bun like a cheeseburger… There is indeed not a country, where you could get Smazak, only here.

What a bite of Smazak is like?
Maybe this free verse poem, written by an American called Butthead could bring some light into the matter (Smazeny syr is the whole name of Smazak).

Smazeny syr
By Butthead

the sunlight shines through the window
the beads of sweat lazily drip down my pivo
The syr arrives
golden brown
the oil catches the sun like crystals
glistening and glittering
First bite:
the syr oozes across the plate
mixing with the hranolky
“mmm just right.”
spoon on the tartarska
clogging arteries be damned
you’re only human once.

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  1. ajka said, Oct 17, 11:02 AM #

    I agree:-)))

  2. Rob said, Oct 18, 04:43 PM #

    Well, you might eat it, when you are really drunk… but otherwise too much FAT

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