Prague Porsche Tramways back to Fabric

Ultra-modern tramways Skoda 14T, or simply ‘Porsche’ as it is called because of its Porsche design, are undergoing some changes, before they come back to track.

Before new 14Ts series will return, the Plzen Fabric has to fix some of its problems. Exemplary would be (if we omit the angry-lizard-design) tiny space for legs, that can be really uncomfortable for longer traveling, and the loud noise, that the undercart does; a noise similar of the Nazgûl from the Lord of the Rings movie.

The undercart hopefully fixed
prague tramway porshe2 Marek Herbst from the Skoda Transportation comments, that he has no idea why people complain when they are being persuaded by a noise of a movie wraith – “We are quite surprised by the negative reaction of Prague citizens. We also deliver those tramways to Wroclaw and they just love them.” When asked about the specific noise, he adds: “Prague citizens complained about the hissing sound, but that was because of the poor track quality. We did some measuring, and we found out alteration of the brake system should fix it. So we have fixed that by now.”

There is twelve 14T being fixed, another 15 should be ready at the end of the year. They have approx. 30-years life-span, and they make about 100 thousands kilometers a year.

Concerning the very new model of tramways, which design is kept secret, and should be revealed until the end of 2007, these should come in 30 copies. We are going to inform you about the development. Hopefully, they won’t represent any other kind of a monster.

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