BU-SHI-DO Taiko Drummers of Edo in Prague

taiko drummers BU-SHI-DO in Prague Traditional music from old Edo, classic rock, trance and many other styles from the Japanese Taiko drummers BU-SHI-DO.

The Japanese Taiko drummers BU-SHI-DO are visiting Czech Republic for the first time as part of their European tour. This expressive rhythmic cyclone will be blowing through Archa Theatre on Friday the 19th of August.

During the concert, the traditional Japanese drummers will be presenting classic Japanese music, jazz, rock, trance and many other styles. In the first part of the show, the drummers will appear in traditional kimono and hakama trousers. In the second part of the show, audiences will get to hear BU-SHI-DO’s own compositions, fusing traditional instruments with western influences and modern genres. The group belongs to a new wave of Japanese artists, who are approaching traditional instruments in a new way.

Taiko drums have served many purposes in history, in particular during wars, when they were used by warriors to frighten their enemies. Thanks to their massive size and the long reach of their sound, Japanese warriors also used them for navigation and leading their troops. Taiko found their place in the Imperial Court and during religious ceremonies in Japanese temples. They were also used as a means of communication in villages, where drumming warned of danger or heralded the start of harvest. Taiko gained widespread popularity in the 1960’s with the start of group drumming shows.

Motofuji Mitsumasa – AJO (taiko)
Michiaki Shirata (Tsugaru shamisen)
Takayuki Hashiguchi (taiko)
Kiyomasa Hanahara (taiko)
Hidemasa Hanahara (taiko)
Yuichiro Furusato (taiko)

Concert organised in cooperation with the Japan Foundation and the Japanese Embassy.

Concert. With no language barrier.

19th October 2007, 20:00, Na Porici 26, Prague 1. Tickets: Seated: 350,- Kč / students + seniors + Archa.klub members 245,- Kč / standing 200,- Kč

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