Petition for Referendum to Prague Olympics

olympics prague Czech Mayors of smaller cities and villages demand a referendum to the Prague Olympic Games. They are afraid the Games would suck money out of their budgets. A petition for a national referendum with more than a thousand signatures was brought to the Municipal office by a Senator Jana Jureckova today.

Jana Jureckova states the signing action was initiated by Pavel Bem, when he said last year. “If there must be a referndum to the Olympics, so national only.” Jureckova stated that they just took him at word; “indebted Czech Republic is not able to pay for the Olympics”.

According to the speaker of the Municipal Office Jiri Wolf the petition should be discussed by the deputies in two months. The law proposal on Olympics in Prague was prepared by Stanislav Polcak. The mayors believe if people voted for the Olympics, it would be their decision made with awareness of the Games will be at the expense of other needed things.


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