Petrin funicular back to track

petrin funicular On Monday 28th October, Petrin funicular goes back to track. It wasn’t possible to use it since 15th October because of the routine check. It ends on Sunday 27th, and since Monday 28th October, 9 am. it goes according to the schedule.

petrin funicular in first half of 20th century Petrin funicular is a funicular railway in Prague. It links the Mala Strana district with the top of Petrin hill. The funicular has three stops: Ujezd (at the bottom of the hill), Nebozizek (the middle station) and Petrin (at the top of the hill). According to Czech legend, the name of the middle station stems from an incident in which Emperor Charles IV, requesting food, was unable to properly pronounce the Czech words “nebo řízek” (meaning, “or schnitzel”). – the word Nebozizek means diminutively one of types of auger.

petrin funicular clockwork in first half of 20th century The funicular has the following technical parameters:
Length: 510 metres
Height: 130 metres
Maximum gradient: 29.5%
Cars: 2
Configuration: Single track with passing loop
Track gauge: Standard (1435 mm)
Capacity: 100 passengers per car
Traction: Electricity

For more information about the Prague funicular click Here

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