Shop for left handed in Prague

shop for left handed in prague If you are left-handed, and going to Prague, it may be good for you to use the constantly profitable exchange rates of the Czech crown, and to do some shopping. Where? In the special shop for left-handed.

It is in Krizikova 109, Prague 8, and it is the only left-handed shop in Prague. Even when almost every 10th person is left-handed, office equipment that would fit him/her in work, for instance, weren’t sold in Prague. Where is the difference? For example, a ruler starts at a higher number, or a kitchen knife has a blade on the opposite side.

The first company ordering these stuff was, according to the owner, Microsoft CR. And you can check the shop here

Pension Musketyr Prague

Stylish, 3-star Pension with garden restaurant and centre location.

Hotel Biskupsky Dum

Historical Conservation area under Prague Castle in Lesser Town, about 60m from Charles Bridge.

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