The Best of Support Lesbians

support lesbians in Prague roxy Support Lesbians is a Czech music group. It should be said, they are male-only group. Why did they choose such a name? They say they wanted to provoke a little, and also to help the situation of Czech homosexuals. As a matter of fact, nowadays same-sex marriages are quite normal here, but two years ago it was considered impossible (and it was illegal). They probably just enjoy the flushing that follows them, anytime somebody introduces them and read the name of their group.

They started playing in Prague clubs in 1992, this year they plan a return to their roots. Support Lesbians have been on stages of the Czech music for 15 years, and they made lots of famous songs, like Sweet little something, You Are My Star, In Da Yard or English Stereo. 18 of these songs are now placed on their album called simply Greatest Hits 1993 – 2007.

If you would like to listen, how the Lesbians bring off concerts, you should visit any bigger Czech festival (where they usually are), or you have a chance in Prague Roxy, Dlouha 33, on 20th of November 2007.

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