NATO discuss about the USA radar.

In Noordwijk, Netherlands, ministers of defense of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) hold a conference from 24th to 26th October. Main topic of discussion are planned USA military bases in Poland and the CR.

The meeting of defense ministers was initiated by a round-table discussion. Vlasta Parkanova, the Czech defense minister, participles as the deputy of the CR. The main aim of the Czech delegation is the problematics of USA European bases in the middle Europe.

The American anti-missile silo in Poland and the Czech radar are, beside figting the extremists, the main topic of NATO meeting. On 24th, the ministers dealt with fighting Afghani Taliban. USA wants more EU soldiers in Afghanistan, however the concerned EU countries are under long-term public pressure. Anyway, the Czech Republic and Slovakia have already promised widening their contingent of about 160 soldiers.

U zlateho jelena pension

The pension is situated in a historic building that has been recorded in documents dating back to 1366.

Prague Express Hotel

Just few steps from Old Town Square, it means right in the heart of Prague