Czech Radar Referendum Rejected

radar, an illustration photo The Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic, according to expectations, rejected the possibility of referendum about American radar base in the Czech Republic. It is being promoted by the KSCM (Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia) and CSSD (Czech Social Democratic Party).

The draft law about the referendum to the base, prepared by CSSD and KSCM representatives, had minimal chances to pass in the first place. It would ask for 120 votes (to pass), however CSSD and KSCM do not dispose with so many seats; in the end 76 of the total 144 present voted for.

According to a sociologic research, most of Czechs do not like the idea of an American radar in the Czech Republic. Washington wants to hear the decision next year. Parliament will be, most probably, the decision maker for the radar question.

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