Badges and Medals of the Czech Republic

The main badges given in the Czech Republic are : Order of White Lion, T.G. Masaryk Medal and Distinguished Service Medal. Honored persons are chosen by the president. The ceremony takes place in Prague Castle on 28th of October, which is a national holiday celebrating the constitution of the independent Czechoslovak state, 28th October 1918.

MWP White Lion Medal The Czechoslovak Order of the White Lion and Medal of the White Lion :

The Medal is given for merit to the Czech state. The Order was established as an award for foreign citizens for merits for the (former) Czechoslovakia.

The Order of the White Lion was established in five classes. (The same person could have only one class or the Order of the White Lion. The Order of the White Lion is awarded in two divisions, civil (with two crossed palms above the badge) and military (two crossed Roman swords above the badge).

T.G.Masaryk Medal T.G. Masaryk Medal
The medal is given for persons who have contributed in a significant manner to humanity, human rights and democracy development.

Distinguished Service Medal Distinguished Service Medal
Medal given to personalities for merit for the state in business, science, technique, culture, arts, sports, education and schools, defense, state and citizens safety.

Those special medals are stamped on the unique machine from 1937, in a small workshop in Prague.

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