Czech National Medal Ceremony in Prague

The ceremony takes place annually in Prague Castle on 28th of October, which is a national holiday celebrating the constitution of the independent Czechoslovak state, 28th October 1918.

24 people were awarded this year. From these we choose 5 for you;

Plk. Stanislav Hnelicka
Order of White Lion
The colonel belongs to great heroes of our foreign military of the WWII. He fought in the Middle East and the West Front. He participated on most of the dangerous missions of his column.

Marie Goretti Boltnar
Distinguished Service Medal
A member of Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy of Saint Karel Boromejsky. She devoted her whole life to care of the sick, seniors, mentally and physically handicapped and victims of natural catastrophes. She has been in the order since her age of fiveteen.

Miroslav Fiedler
Distinguished Service Medal
Professor Fiedler is a world-wide recognized Czech mathematician, focusing on linear algebra and graph theory. His papers have gained exceptional reward. He has already been awarded for his international activity.

Plk. Jiri Formanek
T.G. Masaryk Medal
The colonel fought against the totalitarian regime in the former Czechoslovakia. He joined the news office against the communist regime. He established a news net on our territory. As a consequence, he was imprisoned and got 14 years in the worst communist prison.

Jiri Stivin
Distinguished Service Medal
A remarkable personality of the Czech music scene. He is a multi-instrumentalist, music composer and a pedagogue. He is an author of many works of various music areas.

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