Louis XIII. Black Pearl auction in Prague

Black Pearl Louis XIII. Black Pearl is a precious artifact, combining shining beauty with classicism, refracting light on its anthracite surface.

What is inside of the unique bottle is no less exquisite; a blend of eau de vie, a unique combination of cognacs, reaching total number of 1200. Some of them are older 100 years and come from Grande Champagne region in France.

This is the last bottle of 786 that doesn’t have an owner. The auction takes place on 14th November in the Lesser Town hotel Mandarin Oriental, Prague. It is possible that the buyer from the Czech Republic will be able to spend as much as the buyers from abroad.

The last auction prices? Louis XIII. Black Pearl is not only a gourmet delicacy and a piece of art, but also a unique investment chance. The first bottle was sold for 12 000 €, the highest price for one bottle came in Japan – 62 000 €. Black Pearl is a symbol of luxury and exquisite taste.

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  1. Todd Strine said, Dec 1, 02:43 PM #

    Does anyone know what the Black Pearl bottle sold for at the auction?

  2. Elen Prague said, Dec 3, 09:06 AM #

    Yes, it was sold for 360.000 CZK, which is approx 13.000 €.