"Vezensky lagr" Totalitarian Prison Art on Wenceslas Square, Prague

Behind the symbolic barbed wire are placed few dozens of portraits of former political prisoners. The exhibition ‘Pribehy bezpravi’ (The Stories of Injustice) complements the third volume of the project Ztracena duse naroda – Ztrata slusnosti (The loss of a Nation’s soul – The loss of Decency) directed by Olga Sommerova.

Traditional contents of this event are movie screenings and debates with witnesses of communist injustice. The ‘lágr’ (communist prison) is build under the Wenceslas statue, having a symbolic meaning; it represents dozens of real lágrs of communist Czechoslovakia. The organizers explain:

“We chose photo portraits of prisoners’ files according to one aim; we wanted to show, how wide the spectra of persecuted citizens was. All the prisoners, whose photos are shown, are linked by becoming victims of the totalitarian despotism, and also by their bravery, moral strength, and resilience they demonstrated.”

Similar fate met thousands of other Czechoslovakian citizens, and the exhibition is devoted to them.
The project’s web here

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