Free Internet in Prague

cats and humans can surf in some prague parts for free Did you know that we, Prague citizens, who live in Prague 5, 9 and 13, can connect to the Internet by wi-fi for free?

This is one of the ways, how Prague City Hall really improves the quality of life.

In a few months, the other city part, Prague 4, is going to be connected too. Prague 4 council have agreed on conditions of the competition, according to which the provider is going to be chosen. The net construction should start in February, and it should be finished in June 2008.

“To establish fast connection to information is in accord to strategic aims of ‘Cesta k e-Praze’ (The way to e-Prague). The conception offering services to citizens and overall modernization of the capital.” Pavel Bem comments.

Prague City hall sees the project in wider context, where the Czech Republic as a regular member of the EU participates on the Lisbon project, which wants to make Europe the most dynamic economy until 2010, with reinforced social solidarity, able of durable development. The way how to reach those goals is an economy based on knowledge.

The ultimate goal is free Internet in the whole Prague.

Alabastr Pension

Cosy accommodation in the city centre, wi-fi, fridge, elegantly furnished

Triska Hotel, Prague

Hotel Triska, built at the end of 19th Century, is in the prominent Prague district of Kralovske Vinohrady.

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