New Foreign and International Laws should provide safety for foreigners in the Czech Republic

By the end of the year 2007, we enter the Schengen Zone. This is the last border, separating us from the full-fledged EU membership. This fact claims new demand for ensuring safety for our citizens, as well as for citizens of other sates.

We need to determine clear rules for asylum granting and rules for foreigners staying in the Czech Republic. We want rules that would be understandable and controlled case by case, as our existing rules belong to the benevolent ones in Europe. Our country is slowly, but surely changing from a transit country to a target country. Not just for refugees, but for economic migrants and international organized crime.

The novel treasures basic human rights and freedoms. It is not, in any case, against people who need help, or can be a benefit to our society. Neither we want to complicate life of honest men. We actively help those in need, I consider this apparent, as well as ensuring safety.

Based on Ivan Langer’s text given for Lidove Noviny. Ivan Langer is a Czech Interior minister.

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