The Biggest Exhibition in Prague

wallenstein The next week starts one of the most interesting exhibitions of the year. Its name is Albrecht z Valdstejna a jeho doba and the organizers have prepared six hundred exhibits, linked with the person of the aristocrat. For example clothing of the 16th century.

“It will be the biggest exhibition of Albrecht von Wallenstein that has ever took place.” says the producer of the exhibition. It starts 15th November in Prague Wallenstein Garden, and right now the last exhibits are being delivered from Czech castles and museums.

Albrecht Wenzel Eusebius von Wallenstein
Was a Bohemian soldier and politician who gave his services (an army of 30,000 to 100,000 men) during the Danish Period of the Thirty Years’ War to Ferdinand II for no charge except the right to plunder the territories that he conquered.

A successful generalissimo who ruled the Duchy of Friedland in northern Bohemia, Wallenstein was released from service in 1630 after Ferdinand grew wary of his ambition. Several Protestant victories over Catholic armies induced Ferdinand to recall Wallenstein, who again turned the war in favor of the Imperial cause. Dissatisfied with the emperor’s treatment of him, Wallenstein considered allying with the Protestants. However, Ferdinand had the general assassinated at Eger.

Abacus Hostel

Hostel Abacus was opened in year 2004 is situated in the heart of historical centre of Prague.

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The building is situated in Liliova Street, connecting important historical sights.