The Whiskey Avengers, SKA concert in Prague

whiskey avengers comming to prague 2night Do you feel like dancing on some ska rhythms tonight? You can hear one US ska group in Cross Club Prague. If you haven’t been there yet, the club is anything but ordinary. A favorite meeting point of foreigners and Czechs alike, usually of those, who like non-conformity and interiors that look like the inside of a huge sci-fi robotic whale.

The Whiskey Avengers describe themselves like this:

Northern California natives the Whiskey Avengers have been spilling their infectious music out of the local dives and on to the streets since early 2006. This young group is held together by a band of six seasoned players and performers with a total of four music degrees and a decade of touring. This allegiance of musical madmen has brought together a unique blend of every style you can shake a butt at.

Avengers has vowed to stand the musical tests of time by harboring a diverse repertoire that can cater to many different audiences ranging from young to old. By Offering the simple catchy anthems of reggae, the rhythms of traditional ska, the urban edge of underground hip-hop, the intensity of punk, and authenticity of folk music they promise a few tears and a laugh before they drink you under the table.

Cross Club, Plynarni 23, Prague 7
How to get there – Metro C Holesovice

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