Saturday – Radicals from abroad and 1400 Police officers in Prague

neo-nazi 10th November. That is the Crystal Night pogrom anniversary, and also the date, that Prague Jewish Town expects with creeps. First, Czech right-wing extremists announced they will have their little ‘Demonstration against participation of the Czech Republic on Iraq occupation’. Anarchists, who traditionally hate Nazis, have announced to have an anti-nazi march at the day.

After complaints, the radicals are not against any occupation but they are set for a Nazi ceremony, it was banned, than the ban was lifted by a court. Than the Jewish liberal union summons ‘young and healthy soldiers and sportsmen for active resistance’, Political sides announced they will be physically present at the for-Jewish-march. Finally, the radicals march was banned again.

Prague newspaper 24 announced there are expected reinforcements of right-wing radicals to come to Prague, reportedly few hundreds. There are already expected 5000 civilian people to be in the streets on 10th November. The Nazi march is still banned, however the radicals do not seem to give up.

Because of such numbers, there were special police forces called to Prague, which are going to encircle the Prague center. Prague Mayor Pavel Bem said: “we must expect the worst scenario, which is the neo-nazis will try to make their illegal assembly with a march through Jewish Quarters.” But there is an other possibility in the scenario – that they will go some other way, not through the Jewish town, or not through the center at all.

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